Campaign Aloha

A Pono Movement of Peace, Love, Unity, Sovereignty. 

Restoring the Culture

Restoring culture with protocol and principles that teach morals and values.

Revitalizing the People

Coming together with community members, leaders, elders, and teachers to breathe new life into our community by rooting in what our ancestors taught us.

Regenerating the Environment

Caring for the land, air and water as those before us have done, and respecting and learning from mother nature, to build a sustainable world for the future.

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Campaign Aloha is more than a campaign for Mayor. It is a Pono Movement - a global movement to do what's right and best for the people and the land through education and community connection. Our community leaders are the roots who propel this campaign forward, focused on 12 pillars of impact.

Together we can create peace and harmony in the world and humanity and impact our community and planet by learning how to practice and apply the foundations of Aloha in all important conversations and decisions as a community.

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Together we can learn from each other and do what's right for our land, water, and air, and humanity.

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Pono Podcast + Video Series

April Town Hall: Regeneration

In this month's Campaign Aloha Town Hall, leaders and experts in the areas of our 12 pillars join together to discuss the topic of regeneration…


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